Ventura Kiwanis Tournament: November 26, 2004 vs. Taft

Ventura Kiwanis Tournament: November 26, 2004 vs. Taft

Shannon Antunez fires away for two

Krystal Perry playing tight defense

Brittany Shepard coming right at you

Cassy Mata protects the ball

Kristina Golden prepares to dish it off

Shannon puts one up

Rebecca Kolbeck takes a shot

Sascha Pack looks for some help

Marie and Sascha hound a Taft player

Kristina sticks to her defender like glue

Shannon takes careful aim

Shannon wrests the ball from a Taft player with Sheana there for support

Marie Ayala shoots a layup

Krystal passes the ball

Karla Martinez and Tina Stetson get caught up in a game of Twister

Diana Nuņez has the face of concentration on defense

Cassy looks for an open teammate

Head Coach Ned Mircetic asks the referee if he had a nice Thanksgiving dinner as Assistant Coach Breslin confers with a few Pirates

Rebecca takes a shot

Shannon turns the corner

Coach Mircetic offers some words of wisdom to Diana during a break in the action

Krystal drives for two

Cassy... under pressure

Diana puts one up

Karla passes it off

Cassy... under more pressure

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