vs. Santa Ana: February 23, 2007

vs. Santa Ana: February 23, 2007

Umm... you make the call

Veronica gets things started

Jessi keeps things going

Eja nudges her way through

Sandy gets her shot off while surrounded by black jerseys

Eja looks low

Jessi battles her way through for an inside shot

Misty does the same

Veronica is the epitome of cool, calm, and collected

Hands and arms are flying everywhere as Sandy somehow manages to get her shot off

Eja screams for the ball as Veronica sees things from a different perspective

Jessi displays her intense style of play

Veronica owns the baseline

Misty pulls up for the shot

This game is keeping Veronica on her toes

Jessi is about to add three points to the cause

The Santa Ana defenders are making Veronica work for this one

VC defense... they play hard!

Jessi tests her A.B.S. ... Adidas Braking System

Eja draws the foul

Sandy prepares to shoot the free throw

Lindsay awaits the pass from Misty

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