Glendale Tournament vs. San Diego Mesa: November 18, 2005

Glendale Tournament vs. San Diego Mesa: November 18, 2005

...and the 2005-2006 season is underway!

Medina Britt looks to get the Pirates on the scoreboard first

Jessica Forster waits for a teammate to get open

Veronica Williams looks for an assist

Sandy Perry takes a shot

Jessica Forster locks and loads

Lindsay Trout ponders her next move

Lindsay and Kristen play defense

Lindsay Trout makes her move

Lindsay takes careful aim

Sandy looks for an assist

Kristen Gibbert shoots the trey

Michelle Jameson won't let the ball get even close to the person she's guarding

Michelle keeps the ball out of harm's way

Kristen takes on a Mesa defender

Medina gets her shot off despite being under extreme duress

Katie Killebrew gets into position for the rebound

Sara Arciniega says: "A little help!"

Sara takes matters into her own hands this time

"Someone get open!"

Medina penetrates the Mesa defense for two points

Katie's lookin' to score

Kristen considers her options

Jessica protects the ball

I would recommend staying out of Sandy's way

Coach Mircetic makes a point during a timeout

Michelle looks to pass it off

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