vs. San Bernardino Valley: November 14, 2006

vs. San Bernardino Valley: November 14, 2006

...and the 2006-2007 season is officially underway!

Jessi and Veronica await the ball being inbounded

Danielle waits for the right moment to take her shot

Jessi looks for a little help

Jessi leads Jenelle with a pass

Eja directs traffic...

... then proceeds to take matters into her own hands

Jenelle goes left...

... and scoots past another would-be defender

Sara encounters some difficulty getting this shot off...

... but has an easier time of it the next time around

Jessi is not happy about having had the ball elude her grasp

Sara makes the jump stop

Pirates 'D'

Jenelle goes up

"Uh-oh... this is gonna leave a mark..."

Veronica takes a jumper...

... then drives the baseline next time down

Jessi eyes two points

Assistant Coach Hester gives some direction

Veronica tries to get her jumper away

Jessi gestures to Veronica which way to go

Jessi considers her options

Lindsay lays one in...

... as does Jenelle

Hmm... to take the shot, or to dish it off... THAT is the question

Misty battles for position

Just a little stroll down the baseline

Jessi heads for the paint...

...as does Veronica

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