vs. Santa Barbara City: February 19, 2005

Sophomore Night

vs. Santa Barbara City: February 19, 2005

Shannon Antunez poses with her proud parents

Sascha Pack with her parents and Karla Martinez

Marie Ayala with her father and her mentor

Sheana Triana with her mentor and parents

Yuri Inomata is ecstatic about all of her flowers as she poses with her mother and her mentors

The VC sophomores are saluted by all

Uh-oh... this is gonna hurt!

Shannon eyes the paint as Rebecca trails

Rebecca gathers the ball in as Shannon trails

Marie "whoas" up

Kristina takes the short jumper

Diana scoots past a defender while making a fashion statement by wearing her "Vote For Pedro" armband (SWEEEET!)

Marie (also sporting a "Vote For Pedro" armband) gets past a Vaquero

... and 1!

UUURRRRRRRTT!! "D" slams on the brakes

To shoot, or not to shoot... THAT is the question

Wow... remind me to stay out of Tina's way!

Marie traverses the baseline

Kristina changes direction

Looks like Krystal has her eye on two points this time

Tina shoots the layup

Rebecca's about to get fouled

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