vs. Santa Barbara: January 28, 2006

vs. Santa Barbara: January 28, 2006

Karla toes the baseline

Sandy shoots for two

Katie fights off the opponents' taunts to get her shot off

Misty makes her move

Diana salivates at the thought of scoring another basket. Either that, or she's really hungry, and is wondering how a basketball would taste barbequed!

Rebecca makes a fashion statement with her socks

Karla tries to figure out a way to get past this Vaquero

Remind me to stay out of Tina's way!

"D"... playing tenacious "D"

Karla in mid-turn

Tina excitedly anticipates adding two points to the cause

Misty is careful not to step out of bounds

The Pirates' bench and fans anticipate an exciting finish

Medina pitches in from the left side

Karla fakes out the defender

McKena gracefully scores two

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