Ventura Kiwanis Tournament: vs. Porterville: November 23, 2007

Ventura Kiwanis Tournament: vs. Porterville: November 23, 2007

Make way... Jenelle's comin' through!

Jenelle keeps busy to start the game off

Jessica makes her way to the hoop

Jessi braces herself for some contact

Eja looks for help

Eja doesn't need any help this time around

Randi does her thing

Sara decides to dish it off

Michelle ponders her options

The Porterville defenders form an arch for Jessica to go under

Michelle takes her shot

Sara does the same

Julie works the baseline

Eja test out the brakes on her Adidas

Sara takes careful aim

Sara positions herself for a potential rebound after Indira's free throw

Michelle waits for the right moment to strike

The camera catches Donielle at the top of her shot

The starting five are loose and ready to add to the big lead to start the second half

Jenelle punches the ball through a bevy of arms

Jessi attempts to add three more points to the cause

Lindsay assesses the situation

Some young Pirate fans show their support

Jenelle... playin' hard

The Pirates bench

Lindsay attempts to evade the defender

Donielle gets down low

Donielle shoots

Jenelle eyes two more points

Donielle changes direction a bit

Donielle sprints down the lane for the breakaway layup

Ditto Jenelle

Lindsay takes the layup

Sara patiently waits for an open teammate...

... as does Donielle

102-24... in the FIRST period??? Hmm...

Donielle, about to let a pass fly

Jessica splits the defenders again

Donielle keeps a close eye on the ball

Hmm... to shoot, or not to shoot

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