vs. Oxnard: February 7, 2007

vs. Oxnard: February 7, 2007

Veronica clearly wins this one

Sara gets things going with a three

Eja... in graceful flight

Jessi makes the save

Veronica looks for an assist

Lindsay does her thing

Sara first looks to pass it back out...

... but then sees an open teammate in the paint

Jessi decides to kick it back out

Sara and Sandy do battle with three Condors

Jessi unsuccessfully tries to snag a rebound

Misty looks to make something happen

Jessi adds two points to the cause

Sara goes up from the left side

Robin is about to get the worst of this battle

Robin waits for the right moment to pass it to Danielle

Samantha gets her turn

Samantha gets off a tough shot under the basket

Danielle shoots over a Condor defender

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