at. L.A. Pierce: February 5, 2005

at. L.A. Pierce: February 5, 2005

Sheana gives the rest of the starting five a pregame pep talk...

... then cleans her shoes in preparation for the tipoff...

... then proceeds to out jump her counterpart

Shannon watches the flight of her shot

Tina battles a Brahma...

... as does Sascha

Shannon is greeted by... well, I'll be nice and not say it

Sheana does her thing

Marie looks for a little help

"D" looks to score

Shannon lets 'er fly from downtown

Ned shares his thoughts with the five who are currently in the game

'Becca adds her two cents

Marie drives to the hoop while being closely guarded

Sis brings the ball upcourt with Marie in tow

Tina gets control of the ball

Sascha directs traffic

Make way... Shannon's comin' through!

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