vs. Hancock: January 10, 2007

vs. Hancock: January 10, 2007

Sara looks for some help

Sara gets her shot off despite getting smacked in the head

Sara feels the pressure from behind

Sandy charges in

Michelle has trouble finding an open teammate

Misty has three seconds to figure out how to get this shot off

Danielle braces herself for contact

Danielle is not afraid to go to the basket and battle the bigs

Danielle displays her left-handed prowess

Jessi has an eye for the paint

Coach Mircetic paces the sideline

Danielle encounters a Hancock defender

Pirate defense

Jessi puts the moves on

Jessi puts it up from the other side

The Pirate bench cheers the team on

Veronica prepares to make her move

Veronica takes the jump shot as Sandy moves in for support

Somehow, I don't think this was the desired result for Sara

A weary Hancock offense tries again

Jessi goes in for Sara as Coach Mircetic commends the referee on a job well done

Jessi shoots for three

Sandy shoots a jumper

Misty loses her grasp of the ball

Danielle gives it another shot inside

Veronica towers over the opponent

Danielle is having fun playing in the paint

Veronica does battle in the trenches

Lindsay gets in on the fun

The Pirate bench appauds a hard fought victory

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