Regional Semi-Final vs. El Camino: February 26, 2005

Regional Semi-Final vs. El Camino: February 26, 2005

Shannon and Sheana do their pregame thing

Rebecca looks for three points

Shannon suggests a slight shift in position

A little help!

Karla lays it in

Shannon gets set to inbound the ball as the referee begins the count

Sheana shoots

A familiar sight - Sascha brings the ball around

Shannon waits for help

Marie plays tight defense...

... as does Shannon

Sheana's got a full head of steam going

Marie and 'Becca hound an El Camino player

Shannon puts those pads to use

Yuri awaits the opposing player's next move

Shannon is surrounded

Don't ask me how she did it, but Sascha somehow squeezes past two defenders and gets her shot off

Coaches Hester and Ellis talk things over during a timeout

Shannon fights for two more points

Yuri is right there, much to the chagrin of the El Camino player

Sascha walks the baseline tightrope

Shannon keeps on pluggin'

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