Oxnard Tournament: vs. Cypress College - December 21, 2003

vs. Cypress College: December 21, 2003

Kristine Gleisberg wins the tip-off as Rachael Kolbeck and Shannon Antunez anticipate the ball coming their way...

...and a short time later, Kristine takes matters into her own hands

Shannon Antunez has the world (OK, just the ball) at her fingertips

Sheana Triana takes on two Cypress defenders

Kristine, Shannon, Sascha, Courtney, and Rachel confer during a break in the action

Shannon takes a shot as a Cypress player tries to rattle her

Karly Castro takes advantage of a Shani Quiring screen to get off a shot

Sascha Pack shoots a one-hander as Rachael Kolbeck moves in

Kristine Gleisberg splits two Cypress players to get her shot off

Sheana is the beneficiary of another screen courtesy of Shani, but immediately runs into trouble as she attempts her shot

Shani takes a break from creating openings for others and shoots one of her own

As the seconds wind down and the outcome long since decided, Trisha Kawasaki looks to add two more to VC's total

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