vs. Citrus: February 11, 2006

vs. Citrus: February 11, 2006

The Pirates gather at midcourt for their pregame pow wow

Tina's counterpart gets the best of her on this one...

... but Tina gets some revenge on this play

Rebecca finds a different way to hide from the camera

Misty concentrates on keeping the ball inbounds

Karla squeezes through two defenders

Sandy... makin' stuff happen

McKena enjoyed a career night in this game

The face says it all

Still not in the mood for a photo

McKena keeps on rollin'

Mallory sticks to her player like glue

Diana doesn't like what she sees, so she changes direction

The starting five plot their strategy before the start of the second half

Karla takes a shot inside the paint

Tina takes careful aim

Sandy... makin' more stuff happen

Coach Mircetic offers some words of wisdom to Misty... in typical Ned fashion

Playmaker Sara... cookin' something up

Five sophomores honored their favorite professors on this night

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