State Quarterfinal vs. Butte: March 14, 2003

State Quarterfinal vs. Butte: March 14, 2003

Marie Ayala awaits the inbounding of the ball

All-State selection Kelly Fay negotiates her way around two Butte defenders

Sarah Queen puts one up

Kelly Fay races to the breakaway layup with Sarah Q. and Marie in tow

Kristine Gleisberg drives for two

Kimberly Kawasaki hits a road block on her way to the hoop

The starting five anxiously await their turn to re-enter the game

Kelly gets her shot off despite Butte hands and arms all around her as Marie Ayala shouts out encouragement behind her

Rachael Kolbeck sees an opening

Kimberly Kawasaki gets fouled

California State Co-Player of the Year Courtney Young lets one fly

Kristine prepares to go up for the shot

A familiar sight... Courtney gliding through the air

Just a nice Friday evening drive...

It doesn't matter how many people you put on her... Kelly will get her shot off!

Sarah Evans permeates the Butte defense

Rachael Kolbeck... goin' full throttle

Something exciting is about to happen

Sarah E. shoots as Kristine moves in to help

Sarah Q. is about to dish it off to Courtney

Kat Torres is full of enthusiasm as she brings the ball upcourt

Anybody wanna play Twister?

The starting five share their thoughts during a break in the action

Courtney... makin' stuff happen

Leshelle Sargent protects the ball while waiting for a teammate to get open

Marie is about to score two

Assistant Coach David Breslin offers some advice to Sarah E.

Courtney looks for an open teammate to inbound the ball to (or a defender with her back turned!)

Sarah E. doesn't like what she sees on this side and decides to go the other direction

Somehow, some way, Courtney will get the ball to the basket...

... and most likely in the basket!

Final score...

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